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Our projects have given us the opportunity to develop a variety of creative and technical design solutions in the realm of both historic and contemporary institutional identities; open space planning for expansive building complexes and integration of unique sites within the community. These projects required comprehensive circulation systems and green spaces; as well as solutions for the practical concerns of emergency and universal access and snow and storm water management, all of primary importance to a successful and sustainable project.

A welcoming atmosphere of privacy, conducive to relaxation and enjoyment, must be evident upon entering each site, preparing one for a sequence of experiences. The design will be refined, maximising the area of each space, while integrating with the adjacent surrounding.

The landscape volumes and forms will frame and direct views to focal points in main axial site lines and define areas, providing special interest in the landscape oasis throughout all seasons. Paving materials will express the pedestrian circulation and be in harmony with the style and colour of the building and the scale of the site.

During the DESIGN DISCOVERY PROCESS, a unique detail or theme is developed for each sites' custom identity. The same enthusiasm, focus and diligence is expounded for the discovery of the quintessential paradigm design solutions for an
expansive International Resort, as for the microcosm of a Private Residential Entryway.